We Are an Experiential Design Company That Brings Ideas to Life in Unusual Ways

Like Transforming a Bar into the Set of Stranger Things!

'Stranger Things' Pop-Up Bar

Hint: There's a hidden Eleven on the wall somewhere...

Posted by Dose on Wednesday, September 6, 2017

And Designing a Pop-Up for Run the Jewels!

Our Approach Is to Explore and Experiment With the Familiar, Creating New Experiences From Recognizable Models

We tailor events so that no one is a bystander. Engagement and interaction are encouraged and we aim to awaken the artist and child in all who attend an Anarchitype Production.

We Also Love to Collaborate With Venues and Other Creatives to Help Their Ideas Come to Life

Check out this video of the photoshoot we designed for Ravyn Lenae and These Days.

Behind The Scenes with Ravyn Lenae

We gave Ravyn Lenae the moon in our July cover story! Take a peek behind the scenes now and look for the finished product next week!Video by Ashley Thompson

Posted by These Days on Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Past Events

Emporium Haunted House

We built a full scale haunted house inside of Emporium Arcade Bar in October of 2015.

Event Page

Emporium Haunted House 2: Haunted Hotel

Emporium loved the first haunted house so much that they insisted we do it again in 2016.

Event Page

Soul MasterPeace

Soul MasterPeace is our flagship event. We have thrown dozens of these interactive painting parties all over Chicago, most notably at Navy Pier.

Facebook Page

IT Presents: Juice

We adorned the Chicago Pride Parade after party with all sorts of fruity goodness. The Blueberry Glow Ball Pit was the talk of the night!

Facebook Event Page

VAM PRESENTS: It Presents: JUICE Pride 2016 video

IT Presents: Journey to the Center of Pride

For the second year in a row, we turned the Annoyance Theatre into an interactive art installation for the Chicago Pride Parade after party.

Facebook Event Page

VAM PRESENTS: IT Presents: Journey to the Center of Pride video

Emporium Popups: Bottle Rocket

Continuing our relationship with Emporium, we designed this pop-up as a homage to the great Chicago block parties.

Event Page

Emporium Popups: Stay Gold: Run the Jewels Pop-Up

We teamed up with Pipeworks Brewery and Emporium to design a Run the Jewels Pop-Up. The whole RTJ crew came by and threw down!

Event Page

Emporium Popups: The Upside Down: A Stranger Things Themed Pop-Up

Things really are getting strange around here… This event was covered by dozens of media outlets that reached millions of viewers and basically made us famous for a month.

Event Page

Upcoming Events

Emporium Popups: House of the Dead (Open Now!)

This is our spookiest haunted house yet! It is a fully immersive experience that is guaranteed to be the best time you have this Halloween season.

Event Page

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“Art used to be something that we did around the fire. We told stories. We played music. We danced. All of us were artists. Then one day someone built a stage and the audience took their seats. A line was drawn between “creators” and “observers”. But we can all participate in the creation of art. It is our birthright, a calling we either choose to ignore or explore.”

A.J. Tarzian

Founder, Anarchitype Productions

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