Featured Artist: Dirty MF

Dirty MF, a Grammy-nominated freestyle MC and DJ, is a Hip-Hop pioneer with a 30-year career and is by all accounts a Chicago legend. He got his start back in the 90’s as the MC for the Blue Groove Lounge (one of the first Hip-Hop nights in Chicago). He went on to be the frontman of the acid-jazz group Liquid Soul (appearing on their Grammy-nominated album Here’s the Deal), later starting his own all-improvisational funk Hip-Hop act called The Smoking Sextion. Mostly known as one of the premier freestyle rappers in Hip-Hop, Dirty has spent the past decade focusing on DJing and developing the vinyl-inspired brand Vintage Vibes.

About the Founder A.J. Tarzian

A.J. Tarzian is the founder and Head Scenic Designer for Anarchitype Productions, a Chicago-based immersive design company.

Originally from Skokie, IL, A.J. received his BFA in Scenic Design from DePaul University in Chicago. Most graduates from his department go on to work for the likes of Broadway, Cirque Du Soleil, or try their luck in the film industry. However, when deciding how to put his talent to work, A.J. went a bit of a different route.